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Gauge and Dial widget for Android

It wasn’t hard at all creating my own widget for Android. The Vintage Thermometer created by Ivan (the guy from served as a starting point for my widget.  First I removed the sensor specific part from the code and … Continue reading

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Advantech’s APAX-5000, A PC with PLC capabilities

A few days ago, I received an email from Advantech mentioning the APAX-5000. The APAX-5000 is a PC based controller with PLC capabilities. These systems are also known as PAC (Programmable Automation Controller). Rockwell, NI, General Electric, OPTO22 and others … Continue reading

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Building a vintage thermometer for Android

I’m looking for ways to use Android as HMI platform in the Industrial Automation. The only thing lacking by default are user controls (a.k.a. widgets). In my search for widgets, i stumbled upon a blog named “Mind the Robot” showing … Continue reading

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IGEPv2 black screen issue solved when writing to SD card

A while ago, when working with Claudio on the IGEPv2 WIFI issue, we noticed that the screen went black when writing something to the SD card. This happened when we created a new file via the command line or sending … Continue reading

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Android NumberPicker widget – Part 1

I’m working on an Android application that requires a NumberPicker widget, the widget behind the DatePicker. Luckily, I’m not the only one and QuietlyCoding shows us how to clone and use the NumberPicker widget. Then I started using the NumberPicker and I … Continue reading

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Using HTML5 to create portable SCADA applications

After seeing Freddy’s article where he uses Cogent OPC DataHUB and an Android application to perform SCADA tasks on a smartphone, it occurred to me that the same principle should be possible using open standards like HTML, thereby allowing the … Continue reading

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