Building a vintage thermometer for Android

I’m looking for ways to use Android as HMI platform in the Industrial Automation. The only thing lacking by default are user controls (a.k.a. widgets). In my search for widgets, i stumbled upon a blog named “Mind the Robot” showing how to create a vintage thermometer for Android. Seeing the thermometer makes me believe that it should not be too hard creating a whole set of controls that can be used in HMI’s for the industrial automation. The thermometer can be modified to be a pressure or flow indicator and with a few minor tweaks, it can be turned into a level indicator also.

Hmmmm, the examples will also do nice in a Bentley as speedometer 😉

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4 Responses to Building a vintage thermometer for Android

  1. Rob Valent says:

    What about a MES dashboard with indicators for OEE, KPI’s etcetera.

    • Well Rob, you are absolutely right. Let’s make a deal. If you can get me a project and an Android 2.1 tablet, I will give you a nice meter showing you whatever you would like to see 🙂

  2. Ivan says:

    Hi Freddy, this is Ivan from Mind The Robot.
    I’m glad you liked the thermometer tutorial.
    Let me know if you need any help building your widgets on Android. 🙂

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