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QNX Neutrino, the new BlackBerry OS, what’s next?

The QNX Neutrino powered BlackBerry PlayBook was announced yesterday and today, a VP at RIM said that QNX Neutrino will power more BlackBerry devices. It seems that RIM is making good use of their latest purchase 🙂 Today, the co-founder … Continue reading

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QNX Neutrino powers a tablet PC

A few months ago, there were rumors on the internet that QNX was to power the new BlackBerry tablet PC. This time, the rumor becomes the truth. RIM announced the QNX Neutrino powered BlackBerry PlayBook. Most of us know that … Continue reading

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Make things goodder

Last friday, I attended the ATS Inspect workshop at the ATS university day 2010.  We were asked to describe ATS Inspect and one of my co-workers from the UK came up with ‘make things goodder’. To be honest, it does tell … Continue reading

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Android on your IGEPv2 in 14 steps

Some of you might remember the IGEPv2, the board displayed in one of our first posts. I am using this board for various projects and one of them is Android software development. Since I don’t have much spare time, I … Continue reading

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