Make things goodder

Last friday, I attended the ATS Inspect workshop at the ATS university day 2010.  We were asked to describe ATS Inspect and one of my co-workers from the UK came up with ‘make things goodder’. To be honest, it does tell what ATS Inspect does.

ATS Inspect is an optical inspection suite that helps customers to reduce costs that comes with rework or scrapping a product. It also helps customers to document all quality aspects of their product during the production process. All information is stored in a database and it can be processed and displayed using a wide variety of modules that plug into ATS Inspect. A overview of ATS Inspect is given in the picture below.

At this moment, inspection data is entered via a user interface on a computer or mobile device but ATS is investigating the integration of the powerful high resolution Cognex vision camera into ATS-Inspect for real time high volume automatic inspection. This means that a number of quality checks can be performed automatically without an operator being present. This will speed up the inspection process.  An example of such an process could be the inspection of glass or the inspection of printed circuit board.

A lot of manufacturers say that they do not need ATS Inspect because the know their quality but they cannot tell how much additional costs are involved to achieve that quality. My suggestion would be that they would start up a pilot project using our Starter kit.

We will write more on ATS Inspect during the next couple of months. Our product development team is going to help us with it to give you more information on ATS Inspect. Please visit our ATS Inspect website if you are to impatient to wait for the next post. If you have questions or a suggestion for the next post, don’t hesitate and leave a comment.

PS: My boss, Rob Valent wrote a piece in dutch about optical inspection. Please visit this link to read the story.

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