SCADA software has gotten out of control

The subject of this post is the first line of the introduction of a SCADA suite that we use. It’s called Ignition and created by Inductive Automation. It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. 

Features                            Download PDF

Ignition by Inductive AutomationTM is an industrial application server, used to create systems that cover the full spectrum between HMI, SCADA and MES. Its unique architecture enables rapid project development and deployment.
100% Web-Based
Ignition is web-based. Our server software is configured via your web browser. Our drag-and-drop designer and clients are launched from your web browser using our innovative web-launched technology. Tedious client installations are a thing of the past.
SQL Database Centric
Your data is always stored in an open, accessible format. Our SQL datalogger and tag historian feature are compatible with any modern SQL database. Ignition has native support out of the box for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. Our SCADA and reporting features can pull data in from multiple databases simultaneously.
100% Cross Platform
Ignition is written in 100% Java, making it the first mature cross-platform HMI, SCADA, MES package available on the market. Top-to-bottom support for all major operating systems opens new dimensions of architecture flexibility. Companies are now free to use the system they want – not the system they’re constrained to by outdated technology.
Unlimited Potential
Access is important for efficiency. That is why we don’t limit it with software licensing costs. Buying client licenses or tags will no longer hold up your project. This allows you to put your effort toward adding more functionality into your system, while providing access to everyone who needs it.

Check out the video.

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One Response to SCADA software has gotten out of control

  1. Jarl Hakkert says:

    The first glimpse about this package are great! Communication drivers (for example Allen-Bradley Ethernet-IP and Siemens Ethernet) are free, unlimited I/O points, unlimited viewing clients and fully web-based. We are not bound to Windows, but also Linux and even Mac OSx is supported! This means it is a truly cross-platform, at which the Server for example can run on a Linux OS, and clients can be any Windows based computer, Android smartphone/tablet, iPhone/iPad and so on. As long as it has a web browser that supports Java it can run the Ignition viewing client. Linking to third party OPC servers (Kepware for example) can be achieved very fast and reading tags from existing databases is also a piece of cake.

    At this moment 2 of our engineers are exploring Ignition, so hopefully we can release more hands on experiences soon.

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