Ordered the Raspberry Pi

A few month ago, the Raspberry Pi was announced. On the 29th of februari, a huge amount of geeks, enthusiast, computer programmers were able to bring down 3 websites. RS-Components, Farnell and Raspberry Pi‘s website were not able to process the registrations for the 10000 available boards, the went down in a blip 🙂 I have to admit, i was one of them and I think you were one of them too. Last week, I received an email from RS  informing me that I was able to order my Raspberry Pi and that is what I did this weekend.  I’m not sure yet where I am going to use the Raspberry Pi but I will play with it for a while before I decide where it will end up. The Remeha boiler project or another domotica project will make good candidates. A CAN bus machine automation project will be nice too or I will ask Rob, my boss, to donate his telescope to his staff so that we can use the Raspberry Pi to automate that. Having a Raspberry Pi is not the problem, picking the project to go with it is…

It will take 4 weeks till RS delivers. A pitty btw that they do not include a case with it…

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