Blackberry playbook, my first steps

I was looking for a Blackberry Playbook because it runs qnx and I needed a Qt test platform 🙂 So, I got one from Ebay and started to read the qt-project wiki. This wiki provides all information that is required to build Qt 4.8.3 for the playbook. I had to prepare my laptop before I was able to download and build Qt. The following items are really needed:

  1. Blackberry native development kit 2.1.0
  2. Mingw32-make
  3. github for windows

The first step to do, after installing the software above is to open the Github shell. After opening the shell, you need to execute the ‘bbndk-env.bat’ script from the bbndk-2.1.0 directory to setup the blackberry ndk. The final 2 steps are adding the location of Mingw32-make to the PATH environment variable and make sure that the TMP and TEMP environment variables do not point to a directory that contains whitespaces in its name.

Here are a few other things to bear in mind:

  • The first step in building a new configurator.exe required me to add ‘-platform win32-g++’
  • The option ‘-inotify‘ raised an error when configuring the qt build. Does not seem to be a valid parameter.
  • The option ‘-prefix‘ seems to be ignored forcing me to build an installation folder by hand.
  • Building the source on a Core2Duo laptop gives you plenty of time to make breakfast for the whole family.

After building and moving Qt target specific files I started my first application using an example given by bgmotey.

Note: If you run into an ‘unknown symbol: egl*’ issue, try to remove the library QtOpenGL from the build settings dialog and add ‘EGL’.

I hope this brief summary helps others to start developing Qt applications for their blackberry also.

PS: The Qt libraries are included in the BAR files since Blackberry does not have the Qt libraries pre-installed on the playbook.

The result….

Qt 4.8.3 on Blackberry

Blackberry Playbook running first Qt Application

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