This blog shows technology ATS employees are working on or stuff they really like. The ATS Technology Lab provides a ‘sneak peek’ into the technology we are using or developing in our labs.
Examples are, MES data acquisition applications for an Android phone or a QNX board support packages for a new and very interesting hardware platform.

The content is provided by employees working at ATS Applied Tech Systems B.V. and can be related to business or private projects.  ATS has a highly skilled team of Engineers working on exciting projects. The technology and developments used are mostly ‘hidden’ in black boxes or dusty switch panels and are not visible to the naked eye.  This blog strives to make these technologies and developments more visible and tangible.

The nature of this blog is relatively unstructured and is a melting pot of unbridled passion for technology.
We hope you enjoy this initiative. More information on ATS, visit http://www.ats-global.com

Freddy Martens, Emerging Technology Analyst (ETA).