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Qt 5.1 on the blackberry playbook

I purchased a Blackberry Playbook a few months to experiment with Qt. At this moment, I am fiddling with Qt5.1. The documentation that helped me along can be found on: http://qt-project.org/wiki/Building-Qt5-for-the-Playbook http://qt-project.org/wiki/Building_and_Deploying_Qt_Applications_to_the_Playbook   https://github.com/preet/scratch/wiki/Qt-5.1-on-the-Playbook I hope these URL’s are also … Continue reading

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Qt on Blackberry Playbook, building qnx-qt-mobility on Windows

Building qnx-qt-mobility on Windows is a straight forward job. Make sure that your Qt is installed where you want it (see previous post). Then bear in mind the following: Set the environment variables TMP and TEMP to c:\Temp. Make sure … Continue reading

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Qt on Blackberry Playbook, step 2 building for Windows

While using my brand new Qt build, I ran into some issue while adding a number of modules. It seemed that qmake was pointing towards the folder where it was build. After a bit of reading, i found out that … Continue reading

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Blackberry playbook, my first steps

I was looking for a Blackberry Playbook because it runs qnx and I needed a Qt test platform 🙂 So, I got one from Ebay and started to read the qt-project wiki. This wiki provides all information that is required … Continue reading

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QNX Neutrino, the new BlackBerry OS, what’s next?

The QNX Neutrino powered BlackBerry PlayBook was announced yesterday and today, a VP at RIM said that QNX Neutrino will power more BlackBerry devices. It seems that RIM is making good use of their latest purchase 🙂 Today, the co-founder … Continue reading

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