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Qt on Blackberry Playbook, step 2 building for Windows

While using my brand new Qt build, I ran into some issue while adding a number of modules. It seemed that qmake was pointing towards the folder where it was build. After a bit of reading, i found out that … Continue reading

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Blackberry playbook, my first steps

I was looking for a Blackberry Playbook because it runs qnx and I needed a Qt test platform 🙂 So, I got one from Ebay and started to read the qt-project wiki. This wiki provides all information that is required … Continue reading

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Gauge widget available at Google Code

A few months ago, I wrote an Android gauge widget based on the vintage thermometer written by MindTheRobot. I also updated the Vintage Thermometer in the process. I received a lot of positive feedback on the gauge and a number of … Continue reading

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Gauge widget is going to be made available

A number of people asked me if I was willing to share the code of the gauge widget shown below. I am still looking for a good place to host the code but I decided to share it. I hope … Continue reading

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Gauge and Dial widget for Android

It wasn’t hard at all creating my own widget for Android. The Vintage Thermometer created by Ivan (the guy from MindTheRobot.com) served as a starting point for my widget.  First I removed the sensor specific part from the code and … Continue reading

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Building a vintage thermometer for Android

I’m looking for ways to use Android as HMI platform in the Industrial Automation. The only thing lacking by default are user controls (a.k.a. widgets). In my search for widgets, i stumbled upon a blog named “Mind the Robot” showing … Continue reading

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